Hi there 👋🏽 I'm Chandramohan Sudar, Chandru in short.

I study computer science at the Technical University of Munich. I love designing and developing digital products from scratch. Recently, I've been taking on product management roles to acquire a holistic perspective for building digital products. Currently, I'm pursuing an entrepreneurial project as part of my master thesis to make mobile advertisements a better experience for both developers and end users.

All apps

Thirukkural Puthiya Vadivam

An intuitive and reliable digital version of the 2000-year old Tamil classic authored by Thiruvalluvar. Built using modern android development standards with Jetpack, Dagger, and RxJava.


An app that verifies the content and credibility of suspicious web links before they are opened on a browser, using on-device machine learning with TensorFlow Lite.


A Peer-to-Peer video app solution that enables remote machine servicing using interactive annotation tools. Built using the Agora API with custom message passing functionality.


A minimalist reflex-based game with merciless difficulty. Built using the libGDX cross-platform game development framework. Grossed over 150K downloads on Google Play.

Other projects


An AR app that teaches sign-language by superimposing gestures performed by a 3d avatar on a person's field of vision. Built using Microsoft Holo Lens.

ArgOS DriveAssist

An OpenCV-based object detection framework on Android that provides driving assistance capabilities on the Speed Dreams simulator.


One of the oldest and popular implementation of the 2048 game in C/C++.


Public Administration in the Digital Era

Contributed to the Trend Report on "Public Administration in the Digital Era", in cooperation with Tech4Germany, a fellowship under the German Federal Chancellery.

TOTP for WiFi Authentication

Developed a novel approach to secure WiFi networks by completely automating authentication, by generating Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP).